The difference is simply format.


The Elizabeth Collection is our simple collection. ALL collections include these pieces: 

Custom Design  |  5x7 Invitation Card  |  4x6 Details Card  |  4.75x3.25 RSVP Card  |  7.25x5.25 Invitation Envelope  |  5x3.5 RSVP Envelope

The Catherine Collection includes the base pieces PLUS a cardstock layer with mounted assembly. Choose any cardstock layer and our experienced assemblers will mount them for you saving you time and frustration.

The Victoria Collection includes the base pieces PLUS a pocket enclosure with mounted assembly and a band/seal embellishment. The pocket sets are great for keeping everything together in 1 place and is our most popular collection! Possibilities are endless!

Our most detailed collection, The Alexandra Collection includes the base pieces PLUS the following:

Pocket Enclosure  |  Extra Cardstock Layer  |  Mounted Assembly (2 mounts per set)  |  Band/Seal Embellishment. This is an incredibly elegant set and will highly impress your guests. This will really set the stage for your big day!

Every set we design is completely customizable. While these are our 4 most common collections, we can make absolutely anything you'd like. If you are offering an online response only, you won't need a RSVP envelope for your set. If you want to do a baseball or hockey ticket, you will need different sizes and pieces to complete that set. If you have a custom idea in mind, please contact us to discuss details and we'll provide a quote within 24 hours.

Thank you for considering JE Design Studio for your wedding invitations. We love what we do and hope to hear from you soon! jenn@je-design-studio.com